GPS Summer Bootcamp

Didn't get an internship this summer? We have the solution for you!

The oneTRUEzone GPS (Game Plan for Success) Bootcamp is rooted in the idea that career-minded students benefit most from identifying the right career path early on. Participants create opportunities to learn from working professionals and unleash the power of networking in a way that leapfrogs the student onto a meaningful career path aligned with their oneTRUEzone.

The oneTRUEzone GPS Summer Bootcamp provides students with essential tools to help them transition from college to career. Work with us this summer, and you will receive instruction on how to:

  • Land mini work experiences and live informational interviews.

  • Build your own power network of professionals in different fields.

  • Get the right internships and cultivate your best fit career path!

It all adds up to a valuable summer experience! By using our turn-key process to develop a professional network, students are mentored through the first 6-8 professional meetings. From there, it can take off; one student created 140 new relationships in just one summer! Participants learn about potential jobs, and future employers will admire the commitment they have to their career development.

A small investment of your time right now could pay off in the future with a great career that you love.


For GPS pricing for students or organization members, or to include GPS Bootcamp as part of a oneTRUEzone program, please contact us!

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