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Become a oneTRUEzone Corporate Partner

Why partner with oneTRUEzone? 

As an organization, oneTRUEzone strives to be authentic as we work to guide a generation that demands authenticity. Today's college students don't just want to find a job — they want purpose, efficiencies, and direction. Currently, almost 70% of American workers are either not engaged or actively disengaged at work, costing companies like yours $500 billion each year. When you partner with oneTRUEzone, you'll help us realize a sea change in the American workplace so that the next generation of employees, some of whom will be working with you or for you, are happier, more fulfilled, and proud to be part of your corporation.

As more and more companies seek to boost their own corporate social responsibility (CSR), oneTRUEzone can provide an easy and immediate way for you to help your community through oneTRUEzone's work with career-minded college students. Not only is this a big plus for enhancing your company's presence, especially among younger and more socially conscious consumers, but it's a great way to attract millennial employees, who appreciate knowing that their employers are a part of something that will benefit society at large.



oneTRUEzone can work with your millennial staff members to identify their strengths, skills, interests, and talents, which will, in turn, increase worker satisfaction and employee retention while promoting productivity and creativity. We have found, and research shows, that when a worker is doing what they love, they are more likely to put in the extra effort to succeed. A partnership with oneTRUEzone will also give your brand exposure among the students we work with (recruited and identified by us) and on our website and social media channels.



Your dedicated support (financially and/or in-kind) on a monthly or annual basis will mean that we can put more of our time and effort towards what we do best: helping more students identify their core gift and start making a real impact in their workplace and the world.


What can CSR do for you?

As it turns out, quite a lot. Check out this infographic from SCORE to learn more and to learn how we can engage your millennial employees who are searching for a deeper meaning and purpose in the organizations they choose to work for.