A Special Message For Parents

Are you frustrated with the fact that your child is halfway through college and has no idea what he or she wants to do after graduation, especially after all the time, energy, and money you've invested into their education?

Or, if you’re preparing to send your child off to a university this fall, do you want to make sure they make the most out of those four costly but crucial years?

If your child is a first generation college student, do you want help and guidance to support them in this new, exciting, yet scary journey?

Find out how oneTRUEzone can help!

Wouldn’t you agree that helping your child find the job he or she truly loves, with the potential to earn the income to support his or her future lifestyle, is of the utmost importance to everyone?

Let Us Help Put Your Child on the Right Track

oneTRUEzone is a comprehensive, multi-phase program based on a simple core philosophy that one’s self-realization and self-fulfillment begins with an awareness of one’s core gift. Upon completion, your child will have a greater sense of self and the knowledge and tools to not only affect career choices, but also many aspects of his or her life.

Program benefits for your child:

  • Reduce stress associated with the uncertainty of what their future holds.
  • Zone in on his or her one core gift and potential calling.
  • Experience true excitement and joy when they discover their core gift and how to apply it to their future career path.
  • Uncover his or her ideal career path.
  • Develop tools necessary to be successful in his or her field of interest.
  • Begin the path to create financial success while loving what he or she does.

Accountability Partnership

At oneTRUEzone, we believe in achieving results. In an effort to live up to this commitment, our program creates an Accountability Partnership with each student. We believe Accountability Partners are one of the best ways to help motivate your child to stay focused. Each student will have a student accountability partner and a group coaching partnership as well. Like a mentor, a coach, or a goal-setting buddy, an Accountability Partner will help your child get the job done.

The idea is to meet with an Accountability Partner who will challenge, motivate, mentor, encourage, and inspire your child to achieve maximum results from our program as he or she works to identify an ideal career path.

A Personalized Approach

At oneTRUEzone, we offer a personalized approach for each student. Parents often tell us that their children know a career center exists at their college or university, but they often don’t utilize it. Unlike campus career centers, which often link students to jobs based solely on what they’re good at, oneTRUEzone's goal is to get to the heart of what truly matters to each student. 

What concerns you most about your child’s career search process?

Some parents say that lack of direction, passion, and decision-making skills concern them most about their child’s ability to succeed in the career search process. Others say they want their children to find something they love to do, that is fulfilling, and that will allow them to be financially independent.

What factors do you wish you had taken into account when you were deciding on your own future career? Would these factors have made a difference in the choices you made?

Many parents tell us, “I wish I knew more about what motivates me and makes me ‘feel good.’ When I was deciding on a career, I was trying to be ‘practical’ and do something that would be safe, reliable, and provide a good income. I don’t think I realized that doing something day-in and day-out can be brutal if you don’t love it.”

These and other questions motivate us to help our children find their way. We are committed and look forward to making a difference in your child’s life. 

Your children are your most important investment. Let us help you help them.