Why you MUST Discover Your Gift


(And why that’s only part of the equation)

Your gift is your unique way of perceiving and engaging with the world. It’s your individual lens, your core process, and the way your mind works. It is what you do differently and better than anyone you know because it is 100% uniquely you. You see the world and you contribute in a way that no one else does, and when you know how you do it, you’re empowered to do work you love and make the biggest impact. However, so few people have done the work to uncover this important information about themselves!

If you learn exactly what your gift is and how and where you can use it to benefit yourself and your career path the most effectively, you’ll be leveraging this unique strength of yours while creating extensive value for yourself (and others!) in the workplace and in life. Once you do the self-exploration necessary to understand and name your gift, then and only then can you determine what kinds of work situations help bring out this best quality and strength of yours, and which work situations and environments block it from creating advantages and value in the workplace.

As you work to name your gift, one of the things you need to consider is when you are at your best. Most of us can think of work situations or even social situations when we’ve felt at our absolute best: we felt like we were making a real difference and we were working effectively toward an outcome. But to truly know when we’re at our best, we must ask others. We really need that third eye, as we’re not able to see ourselves most objectively and our strengths are not always apparent to us.

But knowing your gift is only part of the equation for finding fulfilling work. Another key component is knowing when you feel inspired. What lights you up? What excites and intrigues you? This is something you need to get clear and specific on. It’s great to know your gift, but if you’re not using it in a workplace environment that inspires (or at least greatly interests) you, your energy will get zapped in a short while. As a result, you’ll likely feel unhappy, unengaged, and unfulfilled at work, and will be on the lookout for another employment opportunity soon.

When you understand your best self, your gift, and what inspires you, it will open up so many more possibilities for you. You’ll be able to figure out the best place for you to work and what the best roles are for you. You’ll know what kind of work strengthens you and what kind of work depletes your energy and motivation. When you know your gift, you’ll be able to turn work tasks from draining to invigorating, and you’ll be in a better position to mitigate activities that weaken you.

Perhaps the most important part of all this is that you have to take control, and you have to find your own gift. No one can do it for you! You are the one who needs to find the opportunities to use your greatest strengths. You are the one who will need to find ways to add value. And finally, you are the one who will need to speak to it with confidence and clarity as you take the journey down your personal career path.  

Our oneTRUEzone Finding Your Gift program leads participants through exercises designed to help them understand how their mind works so they can understand and name their gift. Participants also spend time reflecting on what inspires them, what they’re passionate about, and how they want to contribute to the world. Ultimately, when you discover where your best self intersects with what inspires you to contribute, each phase of your career, from day one, will keep you engaged and excited about making an impact!

Helene NaftaliComment