5 MORE Steps to the Best Future YOU


Last time, I shared what I think are five of the most important things you can do to create the best future you possible and to become the author of your own life. But that wasn’t the end of the list of things you can do to ensure a bright future for yourself! Here are five MORE things you can do to get on the course you want to be on.


1. Get out and meet professionals.

I know it can be intimidating, and I know that networking can feel forced or disingenuous, but this step is so important to bolstering your confidence AND finding out what careers are out there. Meet professionals of any profession. It doesn’t matter what field they’re in or how that relates to what you’re studying! Let them know that you’re just figuring out your career path, and talk to them about their work and what their normal day to day is like.


2. After you meet 5-10 professionals, then be more purposeful with your outreach.

Try to narrow down your outreach and meet professionals who are in fields that seem interesting to you. You’re still exploring different possibilities, but start to focus on things that you might like to pursue.

3. Pay close attention to your instincts.

If something is really appealing to you, your gut will let you know. Similarly, if something doesn’t feel right, your gut will let you know. Listen to that intuition.


4. Ask specific questions.

When you meet professionals, no matter what field they’re in, prepare and ask questions that clarify what their work environment and the people they work with are really like. (And for more information on the right questions to ask and details of the whole process, check out our GPS Method!)


5. Say thank-you right away.

Make sure the people you meet with know that you appreciate their time and advice by sending a thank-you email as soon as possible, and definitely within 24 hours of your meeting. In your message, be sure to include something you learned from the conversation that you appreciated or will remember, and talk about how it made a difference for you.

Most of all, try to enjoy the process as you work toward the best future you. You will be super shocked at how easy it gets after you meet with a few people: your confidence will soar, you’ll become more comfortable with face-to-face meetings, you’ll learn so much about the different careers that are out there, and you’ll be building a personal power network, all at the same time.


Helene NaftaliComment