The Future Super YOU


At some point, probably very soon, you’ll interview for an internship or job, and you’ll have to address that ubiquitous prompt: Tell me about yourself.

So what do you say?

Ideally, you’ll share the narrative of what makes you a special, unique person, creating the necessary connections between your previous experience and the position for which you’re applying. But how do you convey that information in a way that’s effective and enticing?

For starters, you’ll want to remind yourself that you have plenty of life experiences, all of which help to identify what you do well, naturally, and consistently. If you’ve gone through our oneTRUEzone Finding Your Gift program, you already know this! (And if you haven’t, reach out to learn how you can!)

What you’ll want to do is choose three of your life experiences that help answer the fundamental question WHO AM I? These are all situations in which it’s clear how your mind is working to solve problems, have a meaningful impact, and make things better.

Then, review these examples and rehearse talking about them. What interviewers really want to know is if you can do the job and add value to their company or organization, and if you’ll be a good fit. Sharing clear and specific examples of how you add value will help you tremendously.

If you’ve done your homework to get to know yourself, then the answer to “tell me about yourself” is simple. And, if you’ve done your homework on the organization you’re interviewing with, and if you know enough about yourself to know what you are looking for, then you’ll be able to flip the interview: you will become the interviewer!

This is how I want it to work out for you! But you’ll need to put the time in to really learn about yourself and to research the company or organization. Let us know how oneTRUEzone can help!

Helene NaftaliComment